Web of Devs

About Web of Devs

Web of Devs is a community of developers with amazing personal websites, homepages, and portfolios.

You can get inspiration by browsing developer websites, "favorite" the best ones you find, and also share your own.


How do I add my website?

You can add your website by logging in and clicking the "Add Website" button at the bottom of the sidebar. If you don't see button after logging in, it means your site has already been added.

How do I remove my website?

You can remove your website by click the delete icon on your website entry.

Who is behind Web of Devs?

Web of Devs was created by Ross Hill, a web developer from Toronto, Canada.

Submission Criteria

In order to maintain a high quality list of websites, all submissions must meet the following criteria.

A valid submission...

  1. Is a personal website. Not a page for a company, product, or organization.
  2. Has a good amount of content (more than a few sentences of text)
  3. Contains a description of the website creator
  4. Has had some effort put into the design
  5. Works well on mobile devices
  6. Uses HTTPS protocol
  7. Loads in less than 2 seconds
  8. Has no obvious errors or bugs
  9. Is embeddable in an iframe (test your site)
  10. Is written in English